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General Info for On-site Drug Testing

Whether you are looking to comply with federal Department of Transportation (DOT) standards for commercial drivers, in need of post-accident drug testing services, would like a potential employee to take a CDL drug test or must test a potential new hire, The Place I Go is a convenient option. As you search for “drug testing centers near me,” you can count on all of our locations to provide the services below. 

With our various panels for testing, you can take advantage of the following services for your future or current employees:

  • Urinalysis
  • Saliva Testing
  • Hair Testing
  • Breath Alcohol Testing

Types of Drugs to Test For:

As you decide on which type of drug testing service is best for your company’s individual needs, you can test for several drugs. We provide testing to meet your needs, for example, instant read, 5 panel, 10 panel, 13 panel tests or DOT screenings. Some of the most common drugs tested for include: 

  • Amphetamines (i.e. methamphetamines, MDMA)
  • Barbiturates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cocaine
  • Fentanyl
  • Marijuana/THC
  • Methadone
  • Opioids 
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Synthetic drugs (i.e. bath salts or “K2”/spice)
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When it comes to hiring a new person or drug testing workers after an accident, it is important to have a go-to testing center that is certified for DOT drug test services and more. Places I Go is an expert testing center you can trust for quick and accurate results, post-accident needs, and pre-employment drug testing. Thanks to our certified testing services and qualified staff, you or your business can take advantage of our services no matter what the case may be. 

Drug testing can notify an employer of some of the following drugs that may be in a person’s system as they make decisions for their company: Amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, methadone, methamphetamines, opiates, and phencyclidine (PCP). In states such as Colorado, marijuana is legalized, companies may still maintain a zero-tolerance policy. Each company can make their own decisions and use premium drug testing services to make an informed decision on a candidate. 

Are you wondering which type of drug testing is best? Contact your local Places I Go at 970-216-1983. We will be able to walk you through all of our services to help you find the best option for your needs.