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Meet the Team

Art and Julie Mowry are the happy owners of The Place I Go. Longtime Denverites, they have moved to the western slope to share the beauty and the secrets of a good fishing spot. Art is a financial auditor who previously worked in state government. Julie is an attorney who had her own practice in administrative law and government relations. Julie and Art are certified collectors for federal Department of Transportation. 


Renee is an evening collector and jack of all trades at The Place I Go. She is an entrepreneur and is very involved in our community.


Kelly does it all: She rolls fingerprints, is a collector, and is learning the ropes with Smart Start calibrations. She is multi-talented with a subtle wit. She has a wealth of experience from her career with the department of corrections.


Anthony is a man of many skills. He installs, troubleshoots, and calibrates breathalyzers in vehicles as well as in-home units. He is gifted with solving wiring and mechanical puzzles. Anthony also is a collector for judicial services. He loves the outdoors and skateboarding.


Terry is a kind quiet person. He is one of our judicial services collectors. Terry loves taking a ride on his motorcycle or playing with his nephews. He is learning the joys of cooking and is always eager to help.