Providing On-Site & CDL Drug Testing Call: 970-216-1983

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am an employer and want to have a candidate for employment screened for the use of drugs and alcohol, do I need an appointment?

We are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for pre-employment drug and alcohol use. We appreciate a phone call or email to let us know you are sending someone to our office for a screening to ensure we are available to quickly provide the testing services for your candidate. We are happy to make an appointment for times other than our normal business hours.

I am a small business owner of a trucking service. I need to comply with Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements. Do you have services that will help?

Yes! We have a consortium of local businesses that employ CDL drivers and non-CDL licensed employees. We would be able to add your business to the Drivers’ Compliance Consortium. In this consortium, you will be part of a pool of drivers who are eligible for testing for DOT compliance on a quarterly basis. We also will maintain records of testing results and educational seminars to support your business related to DOT requirements.

I am a CDL licensed truck driver and unfortunately, I have had an accident. Does The Place I Go provide post-accident testing services?

Yes. You may contact us at 970-216-1983 24 hours a day and we will do our best to accommodate your post-accident testing needs.

I was ordered by the Delta Combined Courts to obtain a Smart Start unit. What do I do?

We are an authorized partner for Smart StartTM. Please call us, give us some basic information and we will get an appointment scheduled with Chris or Amy to set you up with an in-home Smart StartTM device. We also will be able to calibrate your device on a periodic basis. Please bring your court order with you.

I was ordered by the court to test for the use of drugs and alcohol on a random basis. What do I do?

Please come in to our office. Bring your identification card. We will provide some paperwork to you and add you to a testing system maintained by the County. Your random schedule is generated by this computer program. We will provide you with directions for determining when you are required to test.

Our testing hours for the courts, probation, human services, pre-trial services is Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and periodically on the weekends.

I was requested by an employer, the court, probation, human services to have a hair test. What do I do?
Please come in. We are able to take a sample of hair and have that specimen tested.  

I am applying for a job and my prospective employer has provided me with an Epassport to have a drug and alcohol test. Do you accept Epassport requests for tests?

Yes. We are happy to accept your Epassport and collect your drug and alcohol specimen collection. Your potential employer will receive the results. It’s quick and easy.

I need to get my fingerprints taken for work. Does The Place I Go fingerprint?

Yes, we do. Please visit to schedule an appointment.

I need to get passport photos taken. Does The Place I Go take passport photos?

Yes, we do. Please visit to schedule an appointment.

The Department of Revenue has ordered me to get an interlock device in my vehicle. What do I do?

The Place I Go is able to assist you. Please call Smart StartTM at 800-xxx-xxxx. Smart StartTM will help you schedule an appointment with us. We will then install the interlock device in your vehicle.

I have been locked out of my Smart StartTM device. What do I do?

Call our office. We will schedule you into for a calibration as quickly as possible.